Why FDs are the best investment option for women?

loan against a fixed deposit

As a working professional or a homemaker, your financial responsibilities make it important to make the right investments. Whether it is to secure your future or that of your children and other family members, be it planning your retirement, paying for your child’s education, taking care of your parents and in-laws, the money you have in hand can be multiplied with careful thought and the right investment options.

In this scenario, investing in the numerous market-related instruments can seem risky. To make the most of what you earn or save and nourish it into a larger corpus, choose risk-free investments. Fixed deposits are one such form of investments that offer assured returns. Look at why they may be the ideal investment option for you.

Fixed deposits offer guaranteed returns

Unlike many investments that are subjected to the performance of the market, fixed deposits offer you an assured sum. This means you can calculate your maturity amount beforehand and receive exactly the same amount upon maturity. You can also gain from decent interest rates that put your savings to work. Further, you can enjoy higher interest rates if you invest in a company FD.

Investing with top NBFCs like Bajaj Finance means you need not to lose out on security. Bajaj Finance Women’s Fixed Deposits(FD) come with CRISIL’s FAAA and ICRA’s MAAA stable ratings, the highest safety ratings, and interest rates up to 8.75% for an investment of 36 months. You can gain from additional interest upon renewal or if you are a senior citizen.

Fixed deposits are budget-friendly

Fixed deposits do not require a huge amount for investment. You can invest as low as Rs.1000 with various banks. However, if you want to gain from your investment, it is better for you to invest as high of an amount as possible without straining your fiscal resources. Investing a higher amount not only gives you better returns but also enables you to choose from a wider list of financial institutions to invest with. For instance, you only need Rs.25,000 to start a fixed deposit with Bajaj Finance and you can benefit from interest rates as high as 8.75%.

Fixed deposits offer easy management

Along with being able to invest without breaking the bank and availing the best offers from NBFCs, you can also manage your FD account with ease when you invest with top institutions. Take, Bajaj Finance for instance. This leading NBFC offers online account management as one of its perks when you invest in an FD.

This means you can manage your investment while leading a busy life without the obligation to manage it at regular intervals like other risk-prone schemes. Further, you can gain from the option to ladder your FDs to enjoy liquidity all year long. This way you never have to lose out with a premature withdrawal when needs arise. What’s more, you can use the easy online FD calculator to plan your finances within minutes.


Fixed deposits have extra perks

In times of need, you can also take a loan against your fixed deposit. This means you do not need to lose out on your returns while paying for your parent’s medical needs or tending to your child’s educational requirements. Taking a loan against a fixed deposit(FD) provides you with a larger window to fund your needs without having to withdraw your investment and lose out on your returns. Other benefits of investing in a fixed deposit include higher interest rates for senior citizens and additional interest upon renewal of your fixed deposit.

Now investments are easier than ever and do not interrupt your busy schedule. So, take the time to allocate funds towards investing in a fixed deposit to gain from assured returns that can help you fund financial goals or build your wealth over time.

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