Top Things To Do In Anegundi – Hampi

Between Kamalapura, the nearest town of Hampi and Anegundi on the other side of the Tungabhadra River, there are places where it is worth stopping to know authentic hidden nooks. The first two are still on the shore of Hampi but can be explored on the way to Anegundi. The best way to explore this part of Hampi is to get an auto rikshaw. Read here about top things to do in Anegundi.

  1. Malyavantha Raghunatha Temple

This is also known as the temple of the monkeys and it is a living temple with worshipers, monkeys roaming the temple grounds, sadhus sitting on the steps and even musicians. The temple, in architectural terms is no ex-libris but the atmosphere is fantastic.

2. Malyavantha Parvata and the Shiva Cave Temple

The Temple of the Apes is on the Mountain of Malyavantha, one of the region’s seven sacred mountains known as Saptaparvatas. This mountain has several granite balls in magnificent balance positions but the best part is a Shiva temple guarded by a lord who lived there for decades since his father died who in turn replaced his grandfather. The temple uses the granite balls, where a small altar is built on its top and next to a mini temple. In the outer part of the temple there are several Shiva Lingas carved out of granite rock.

3. Village of Anegundi

The village of Anegundi is a typical village of the region of Karnataka on the opposite bank of Hampi. You can get there by auto rickshaw or by boat. With the opening of the road and the bridge to Kampli the village is more accessible and the trip from Hampi to their crosses extensive rice fields. The other option is to cross by boat, near the Vittala temple. Visiting the village is worth it, roaming the rural life of India. It’s a great opportunity to meet great people.

4. Ranganathaswamy Temple

This is a small living temple in the village of Anegundi. The temple has beautiful murals painted in the inner grounds, outside the sanctuary, with several Hindu deities. It is a place full of charisma and color with pillars painted in shades of white, blue and yellow.

5. Wooden car of Anegundi

In front of the Ranganathaswamy temple is a carriage carved at the intersection of the road. It is a gigantic sculpture which is used for the Hampi Car Festival. This is just a copy of the cars that run along the Bazaar Road towards the Virupaksha temple. The festival takes place in the months of March or April. If you are in India then does not miss it.

6. Gagan Mahal

The Gagan Mahal is an old Hampi palace in the middle of the village of Anegundi. The palace was used by the kings of Vijayanagara, but is somewhat slanted. It can only be seen from the outside since it is closed to the public.

7. Temple of Durga

A little further on is the Durga temple, a temple in honor of the Durga Goddess who looks more like a fortress with two towers. It is a very colorful temple that is worth visiting.

Prepare your trip to Hampi well because the area is big and there is plenty to do and see when thinking of what to visit in Hampi.

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