The Things You Need to Know as an Immigrant Worker in Parramatta


A lot of people who are born outside of the Australia visit the country either to perform work or to pursue education. Obviously, a lot of paperwork is involved in order to be authorized to perform work in an Australian company or be able to attain masters or a doctorate degree. While they are mostly entitled to reside in the country on a temporary basis given their work or education status, there are some circumstances wherein they are entitled to hold permanent residence in Australia and become an Australian citizen.

There are certain eligibilities to follow and steps to take in order to obtain Australian citizenship. Knowing that it could take years until citizenship is granted, individuals may find the expertise of Parramatta lawyers greatly helpful.

However, in the aspect of employment, individuals born outside of the country who are authorized to do work or are waiting for the processing of their citizenship face certain workplace issues. For the most part, they are subjected to unfair employment practices, which include discrimination and harassment on account of their status as immigrants, even though they are allowed to perform work on Australian soil. Some are even discriminated against or harassed just because they were born abroad.

For instance, a worker who is authorized to perform work in Australia is denied employment because the employer does not want any inconveniences in filling appropriate paperwork. The employer may also deny an authorized alien worker because the employer hires only those who are either born in the country or are granted citizenship by the Australian government. Also, employees of Arab, Asian, or Hispanic descent are required to present their complete set of work authorization documents while Australian employees do not.

In order to work in Australia without having to undergo so much hassle, you would want to consult with Parramatta lawyers who have extensive experience in handling workplace discrimination cases. Since there are many reputable lawyers who handle immigration issues, you should not have a hard time finding one who can effectively handle your case. However, you should be mindful of the lawyer who you would choose since not all of them have the right skills and experience to represent your case. Below are some of the qualities you should look for in an immigration lawyer:

  1. Experience – Entrust your case to a lawyer who has been in the legal industry for several years. While there are many good new Parramatta lawyers, you would want to choose a legal professional who has solid experience in representing clients. These lawyers know how to properly handle immigration cases, so you can be confident that they can pursue your case with so much conviction.
  2. Legal know-how – Choose an immigration lawyer who has solid educational background and legal practice because he or she will most likely handle your case aggressively and effectively. Lawyers who graduated from reputable law schools and have substantial legal training can surely handle and represent your immigration case regardless of its uniqueness or complexity.
  3. Client-centric approach – You would want to work with an immigration lawyer who understands you and your circumstances. Look for a lawyer who will take your case not only because of the profit he or she will get from it but because he or she wants to help you.

Australia provides a wonderful environment for immigrant workers, but unfortunately, there are employers who care less about their workers’ rights and interests. If you’ve been wronged by your employer because you are from another country, do the right thing and contact immigration lawyers to represent you and help you get the justice you deserve.

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