The Certified Big Data Courses One Can Take Up

Big Data essentially means ‘data’ that is so immense that it is beyond the capabilities of traditional database management systems to accumulate it and analyze it in a given time span. So where does so much data come from? Actually, this data is generated by all the devices that people use and communicate with, so it is axiomatic that as the number and variety of devices has increased over the years so is the data that is thus generated. It has been estimated that on an average we (rather our devices) generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, this data is called Big Data as it has four dimensions to it namely: volume, velocity, variety, and value.

53% of 1,217 companies across the world had pioneered at least one Big Data initiative over the last few years and now these companies need Big Data experts to deal with enormous data they collect. Experts with data management, analytical and interpretation skills are capable of applying various techniques to a specific kind of datavia Big Data tools for fast and efficient analysis. However, there is a grave shortage of professionals with Big Data skill set to meet the increasing demand. According to McKinsey Global Institute in the next 3 years, there will be a shortage of 1.7 million Big Data professionals.

Recently Analytics India Magazine in association with AnalytixLabs has generated a report that bespeaks of salary gap between Analytics professionals in India with packages up to INR 11.7 lakhs per annum and IT professionals at INR 8.65 lakh per annum. Salary is just one aspect of Big Data profile, as there is also a lot of scope for professionals in terms of career growth and upgrades to new technologies.

Big Data market is variable and rapidly growingenunciating available tools ineffective and demanding new and more efficient tools quickly. It is challenging for individuals to complete full-fledged degree courses and become competent in specific Big Data technology before it becomesout-dated. Where technology is astatic certifications are considered reliable proof of proficiency and a widely accepted norm. Certifications provide a way of cultivating job-ready professionals with speedy and practical learning in the form of short term courses designed specifically keeping business requirements in mind.

The challenge with Certification courses is that they are highly specific and many in number this makes it hard for inexperienced individuals to pick a single course. For example, there is IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data certification, Big Data and Hadoop Developer Certification, IBM Certified Data Engineer – Big Data certification, Hadoop Administration certification and etc.

Individuals should choose a certification according to the career they want to pursue and the skill set they already possess like Architecture, Big Data Development (Hadoop, R, Python etc.), Data Science, Business Analytics and Administration etc. This is the best time for professionals to choose the right certifications in Big Data to give their career a desired boost. As Big Data technology is still in its nascent state, early professionals will have a lot of opportunities to further explore the possibilities of Big Data.

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