Should You Buy an RV Online?

We buy a lot of things online these days. From new clothes to gifts and even furniture and food, much of our consumption is done, thanks to the internet. Yet what about larger items that cost more? Should we be buying things like a Winnebago or a new car?

As much as you may want to buy that Winnebago you’ve been dreaming about quickly, do you think that buying it online is the best way to go about it? There are some pros to buying it online and also some cons. To help you make the decision for yourself whether you should buy your RV online or do some in-store shopping, we’ve compiled some pros and cons.


  • You can have plenty of options in front of you at once. If you’re set on buying an RV online, you can have plenty of options in front of you to check out. Instead of having to walk from one RV to another, you simply click, click, click, and you can see hundreds of RVs in one day.
  • You can easily look up the specs and information on the specific one, so you can learn more about it. You can research the specific one that you want and have all the specs and information in front of you. Many times, online RV websites have all the information that you need on the RV, so you don’t even have to open another tab to understand more about the one that you’re considering.
  • You don’t have to drive all over town looking for the perfect one and hoping that you’re in time to buy it in time. You don’t have to drive to all the dealerships in the area. It’s an instant buy online that can be done from the comfort of your chair. It can get tiring to drive to several different places, walk in several different RVs and around several different RVs, so eliminating the time, money, and gas spent on browsing in person may be attractive enough for some people who want to buy an RV online.


  • Do you really know what it looks like? You may see some beautiful pictures and think that the RV must be really beautiful but speaking from personal experience, pictures don’t always tell the truth. I recently bought a car from a friend of a friend and in pictures, the color looked like a light shade of pink whereas when I finally got the car from this friend, it was actually a rose gold—which wasn’t exactly the color that I was going for. Pictures don’t always show everything that you want to see before investing so much money into a vehicle.
  • Do you trust that the engine is in perfect working order? As much as you may trust the person selling the vehicle, you may not know how desperate they may be to sell their RV. It can be a challenge to know if it actually works well without looking at it. If you’re inexperienced with the mechanics of a car, you may not understand what to be looking for, so it also helps to have someone check it out for you as well.
  • How does it smell? This is a big deal. Your RV may look incredible and its interior may be impeccable, but what about its smell? From rotting wood to tanks that weren’t maintained correctly, it’s always important to know if there are hidden problems with the RV that could make it unbearable to be in.
  • Do you know the person selling the RV? If you don’t know the person who is selling the vehicle, how do you know if they are to be trusted? You could buy from an actual company but be aware that the RVs could be much more expensive. A seller can say all that they want to, to win you over, but unless you see the vehicle and have it inspected, how do you know if they are telling the truth?

In Conclusion

It may seem like a good idea to sit at your computer and go shopping online. You’ve done it with your new dress or purse, but there is a big difference between buying a $10-50 item to buying a much more expensive item.

It is a decision that you have to make for yourself but if you want to be sure that you don’t end up losing a lot of money for a vehicle that doesn’t work well or that looks horrible, buy the RV in person. You can always do research beforehand to cut down on time and money spent driving around your city but when it comes to closing the deal, you’re going to want to see the Winnebago first, so you don’t buy something that will make you throw away your money.

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