Jim Feldkamp – 3 Key Ways to Foil a Sudden Terror Act

Any terrorist attack causes mass hysteria among the public. The extent of the carnage and destruction to public property is usually enormous. Victims can never adequately express in words the horror they go through. This is the reason common people strongly voice their condemnation of such atrocities in no uncertain terms. They go to the extent of appealing to their governments to bring the culprits to justice. Some of them even urge the ruling classes to take stronger measures to prevent the occurrence of such incidences. However, Law enforcement specialists admit it is very difficult to predict when such nefarious elements will strike next.

Jim Feldkamp – How you can foil terrorist attack?

Jim Feldkamp is a former security expert from Roseburg, Oregon specializing in counterterrorism. He valuable years of experience in the field working as special agent with the FBI. He is responsible for the conviction of many of the perpetrators of such heinous crime. Today, the people of America owe a debt of gratitude for his services to the country. They remain safe from such terror attacks due to his skills, ingenuity, knowledge and expertise as a law enforcement officer. He also has an honorable record of serving in the military as a Naval Flight Officer for 20 years.

He says people need to understand that law enforcement agencies cannot prevent every terrorist attack. It is not possible to gather all the information on where the perpetrators for such activities will strike next. This task is like searching for a ‘needle in haystack’. However, those who work in the security forces do their utmost to protect the public from such atrocities. They will go to any extend to apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice. It is important for everyone in society to remain vigilant and foil the attempts of such nefarious individuals. You are probably wondering how you can do your bit to help the police in their endeavor. He explains you should look for the following 3 important signs in persons you suspect of conducting such activities:

  1. Surveillance

Research show terrorists carry out thorough survey of their target prior to launching their attacks. Normally, they make use of different types of cameras and binoculars to perform such tasks. In some cases, they even draw out maps. They generally monitor government buildings, popular landmarks, public places and important military installations. If you suspect anyone of such activities, you should inform the authorities.

  1. Acquiring large quantities of supplies

Terrorists acquire the necessary weapons, equipment and supplies they need well in advance of conducting their activities. Generally, they rely on home-made explosives or improvised electronic devices. Be wary of people making abnormally large purchases of pressure cookers, mobile phones, electric equipment, wires and urea. In case, you find someone doing so, call the police immediately.

  1. Trial runs

Terrorists generally perform a practice trial of attack they intend to launch. This is to assess its success and the extent of damage their act is likely to have. If you happen to witness such an event, you should notify the authorities.

Terrorists look for every opportunity to launch their attacks. The objective is to create panic among the pubic and large-scale carnage. However, Jim Feldkamp says you can foils their attempt and help the security forces to arrest them. You just need to look for the above 3 signs.

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