How to Learn Japanese from Watching Anime

How to Learn Japanese from Watching Anime

This is not a guide for fans who learn Japanese using anime and do no work, a feat that you tried, and in all cases the result was a miserable failure. No, here are some tips on how you can get the most out of viewing popular Japanese media, in addition to your other learning efforts. Mostly, there are two things in which watching anime, movies, television shows, or even theater can help you if you have little or no prior knowledge. You guessed it, listening, and right? Well, this one. And another vocabulary. You can also learn to learn grammar, but this should happen after you learn some of the central structures of sentences.

Take into account

Record all duplicate words you do not know. If you see that this word is used several times within 20 minutes and is not limited to science fiction or fantasy, write it down and remember. What happens to a language that makes it difficult to learn only from textbooks and old audio CDs is that the languages ​​do not match. They change over time, and, sometimes, keeping up with popular media, this is the only way to get an updated vocabulary, except to live and breathe the language.

Different dialects

There is one thing in animeeg deadpool toy, movies or television shows: sometimes there are many different dialects in a game. If you already have experience of living in Tokyo or somewhere with a relatively neutral accent, you will be fine. But if not, then you should pay attention and do not mix accents. Determine where the different characters are from in the anime, this is often impossible, but as a rule, if you stay away from characters that use a lot of unique expressions and sentence endings, this should be good.

Speech in anime or movies like marvel store in this regard is often very random and misses elements that would need to be used in ordinary or formal speech. On the opposite side of the spectrum, in anime or movies with samurai themes, the grammar is full of old conjugations, and the dictionary is archaic. If you try to be polite, following the example, you may be misunderstood or just make an incredibly weird first impression.


If you have already established some basic knowledge of Japanese grammar, you can learn the basic informal discourse by studying the form. Or you can determine when the particles are lowered and then focus on other parts of the sentence. As he progresses, he realizes that some parts of Japanese grammar can be learned almost as a vocabulary, people learns the particular context in which it is used, and then expands, as can be seen in other situations.

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