Get Authentic Ancient Artifacts Only from Sadigh Gallery

Many people are there who have wasted their money by investing on fake, counterfeit and scam ancient artifacts and this is primarily because the art dealers dupe them by claiming that they are offering authentic artifacts although in reality they are not doing so. However, there are certain art houses still available who only sell the authentic ancient artifacts to the buyers and the challenge for the buyers here is to find them out.

Sadigh Gallery:  well-known for offering authentic ancient artifacts

For common people it certainly becomes a difficult task to find out whether a particular piece of ancient artifact is authentic or fake as even the fake one are made in such a meticulous way that they also appears to be real. So, when planning to buy a piece of ancient artifact it is important to verify the dealer in order to find out whether they seriously offer authentic ancient artifacts which are not fake.

When it comes to choosing reliable art dealer, one can certainly rely on Sadigh Gallery. This is because this Gallery of Ancient Art houses an extensive collection of authentic museum quality artifacts which include jewelry, ancient coins, top selling items, American, African, Asian, Anatolian, Assyrian, Bactrian, Babylonian, Byzantine, Celtic, Canaanite, Cycladic and many more. All of these valuable artifacts are of varied ages and cultures, which include both the Old World and the New World.

This is a family owned art gallery which specializes in ancient artifacts and coins from across various parts of the country in the world. This gallery has been founded in the year 1978 as a small mail order company which has been operated by Michael Sadigh. Gradually this gallery achieved a lot of success and in the year in 1982 the gallery has been moved to the current location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Most of the customers have been with this gallery for more than ten to twenty years and thus they are not just considered as business partners instead they are regarded as the loyal friends. The gallery feels satisfied in offering quality service to each and every customer, as they know that their main objective is to offer top quality services.

To make out authentic artifacts from the fake one and in addition to not to get scammed or ripped off when buying from vendors or dealers, it is vital to confer with a dependable archeologist. It is undoubtedly quite hard to find out whether an artifact is authentic just by seeing or holding it, so the best thing that can be done is to take the artifact to an archaeologist and get it verified.

Each piece of authentic ancient artifacts that Sadigh Gallery sells include the Certificate of Authenticity and thus one can have a complete peace of mind about their authenticity. Moreover, the Gallery also offers a return opportunity to the customers as well. Thus, it can be very well said that it is one of the largest online antiquity galleries which presents over 13107 items to select from. With more than three decades of booming business in art dealership, it is no doubt one of the most trustworthy companies.

Reliable authentic antiquities dealers like this gallery never dither to take that extra initiative to make sure that a piece of art in there store is authentic. This is why,  one should always buy art from dealers who are licensed, certified, and ready to present the customers with all kinds of documentation related to a piece of artifact they want to purchase.

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