Free Things to Do in Hong Kong

You may have preconceived notions about the real cost of traveling through Hong Kong. However, trust us when we say this: you don’t have to be keen on spending your days away in order to enjoy what Hong Kong has to offer. With these free things to do in Hong Kong, you’ll find meaning in a culture rich enough for every kind of traveler, even those on a shoestring budget.

  • Check Out Contemporary Art in the City – If you take a stroll toward Hollywood Road in Central, you’ll find a range of art galleries lining the region. Be sure to stop in places like Para/Site for free admission. By spending an afternoon fueling the creative side of your mind, you may just find some inspiration you’ve been missing.
  • Enjoy a Classic Film Screening – Word on the street is the Hong Kong Film Archive at Sai Wan Ho puts on totally free showings of classic Hong Kong films. If you’re a traveling couple, this makes for the perfect post-dinner date, and one you won’t have to shell out for.
  • Hang with the Birds – Beyond the Hong Kong Park lies a bird sanctuary that goes by the name of Edward Youde Aviary. This place houses hundreds of bird species, which spend their days blissfully bathing in ponds or soaring through tree canopies. By visiting this attraction, you may just forget that you’re in a bustling city at all.
  • Stroll Through Architecture and Culture – The Wan Chai Heritage Trail is a free option for those craving a bit of fresh air and movement. The trail takes you through noteworthy architectural attractions as well as memorable cultural moments. It takes about two hours, so do yourself a favor and reserve a morning for this enriching walk.
  • Revel in Religious Temples – Hong Kong is undoubtedly teeming with temples, and many travelers find them utterly irresistible. It’s no wonder, for they’re beautiful from the inside out. Be welcome at Hua Wong Temple, Man Mo Temple and many other places of worship. And spread the love, for the Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian temples are all worth seeing.
  • Cheer On the Dragon Boats – If you’re lucky enough to have planned your trip to Hong Kong in May or June, you’ll get to witness the legendary Dragon Boat Festival. This tradition, which stemmed from the ancient Chinese celebration of Tueng Ng, occurs over the course of three days. Long boats, harmonious percussion and competitive spirit aplenty make this hoorah one to remember. If you can’t make it to town during this time of year, fret not, for Hong Kong is one festival-happy place.

Places to Visit in Hong Kong if There’s Room in the Budget

Whether you’re planning on spending a little or a lot, you should definitely try to pencil in one trip that’s well worth the investment. While it’s not free, a ride on the Ngong Ping Cable Car with NP360 in the Ngong Ping Village will show you a version of greater Hong Kong tourist spots that you can’t find in the city. After all the free excursions you’ve taken, perhaps you’ll have saved enough cash to treat yourself to this utterly enriching Hong Kong tour.

Whatever you choose out of all the things to do in Hong Kong, the most important thing is to find Hong Kong attractions that fulfill your traveling spirit (after all, that’s what the locals of Hong Kong would want for you during your visit).

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