Deep Sea Adventure Fishing Lagos, Portugal

Deep Sea Adventure Fishing Lagos, Portugal

The shark fishing in Lagos, Portugal is a popular activity to do by tourists. The Algarve Region in Portugal is famous for deep-sea fishing (Commercial). The Portugal tourism does allow Fishing Lagos permits for the deep-sea fishing for the tourists and fishing aspirants. These are sporting activity and adventure activity to do in Lagos. There are many types of fishing tour packages available in Lagos. It is advisable to book with a profession fishing charter.

Where to go fishing in Lagos?

Lagos Marina is the boarding spot for fishing activity for the tourists. You must reach the boarding point 30-minute before the fishing boats departure. This will help you to follow the instructions for fishing and other safety rules. The tour operator will explain the fishing enthusiasts.

  • A modern fishing boat will take up to the permissible 25-miles from the Lagos seashore.
  • The fishing boat will travel up to the shark point near to the Sagres, where the Atlantic Ocean is deep.
  • The professional angler accompanying you will take you to the exact place, where fishes are in abounded.
  • You may catch other sea fishes apart from the sharks.
  • The blue shark fishing in Lagos is luck for the tourists to take a photo.

Many 1inclusive tours provide fishing gear for the trips. These are day trips and depend upon the package you choose.

Best Season for Sport Fishing from Lagos

The best season for Fishing Lagos is from August to October. The sea weather is unpredictable during this season too. Yet, the professional fisherman in your boat can take you to the right place with his fishing experience in the deep sea.

Affordable Lagos Fishing Charters

There are many packages available in Lagos for sports or adventure fishing. This is the best for the newbie, and who have angling experience. Yet, catching a medium size and above sharks will be a thrilling experience. The fishing charters are available for the below mentioned packages.

  • Big game fishing Lagos
  • Sport fishing Lagos
  • Adventure fishing in Lagos
  • Corporate fishing in Lagos
  • Group fishing in Lagos
  • Family fishing in Lagos

It is advisable to come in at least four members to book a fishing boat. It will be better to book a modern fishing boat, which has an auto pilot, GSP and radio communication. If you know swimming, you can swim on the deep Atlantic Ocean.

Cheap Fishing Lagos trips are available online. You must book in advance during the peak season in Lagos. You can read the Algarve sea-fishing guide online. There is license needed to go for sport fishing too in Lagos. You can pay the license fee with the tour operator too. It is advisable to carry photo or video cameras to take those fishing moments on the sea. Portugal is a tourist friendly nation. It is advisable to book a guided fishing tour in Lagos.

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