Big Data Has Brought Great Possibilities to the World

Big Data Has Brought Great Possibilities to the World

We have all stood witness to what data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence have offered us so far. A lot of us have been amused by the innovations and some sects have arraigned the disruptive possibilities of such technologies. But if you stop and think for a moment, you will realize that the pillars upon which the fortress of data science stands today is nothing but big data.

Data is powerful enough to change the way the world works. While we stand amused by the power of data science in turning markets or making talking bots that show tremendous intelligence and get a big data certification to land a great job, we must also focus on the ‘so what’ question of this project. What I mean to say is, every innovation should ideally contribute some way or the other to the society and its well being. How does big data contribute?

Healthcare democratized

Use of big data has helped scientists advance rapidly in the path of genetic engineering. In fact by virtue of big data analytics it is possible today to accurately apply medical treatment that suits a certain genetic structure. The other important part of it is the fact that with the help of data it is possible to disseminate the healthcare services where and when needed. A lot of people in need can find help easily if big data analytics is used for such an end. Some countries have done this and set an example for the world to follow and improve upon.

Cities are planned better with the help of data analytics

Life is different when you live in a well planned city. It is always pleasant when you find what you need at the perfect place. Big data can help bring cities with less traffic congestion, better living conditions, better security and less pollution. We cannot demolish ancient cities and built new ones but we can definitely see to it that whenever a new part of the city is built, it is built perfectly.

Well Being Index

While we are all concerned with stock prices and GDP what we forget about is our WBI or Well Being Index. This has five components – income, health, housing cost, crime and safety, and infrastructure. These are the things that determine our satisfaction with life. Most of the cities around the world do not have a mechanism to measure WBI – this is unfortunate because measuring this would make evaluation of a government much easier. Big data analytics can be put to use to measure well being index of a certain city.

As we can see, big data has its deep social implications apart from the impact it has on the business world and job market. It can help evaluate the present and shape a better future.

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