A tip to slow down the time during GRE

A tip to slow down the time during GRE

If you guys have watched the movie Interstellar, Dr Brand says – ” Time is relative. It can stretch, and it can squeeze.”

According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, time doesn’t always move at the same speed.

You don’t have to give a deep thought at this theory because each one of us has experienced this. For example, we feel that the time moves faster during the weekends while much slow during the weekdays.

It’s certainly similar on the GRE day as well. Think about it because you readily answer questions in two minutes when you are practising on your own. But for some reason on the test day, you see the clock ticking and feel pressured. And all of a sudden you start to panic and feel like you are running out of time and make mistakes while answering. Due to this an easy question becomes difficult and takes you forever to do.

So first let’s talk about- Time management.

GRE consists of a lot of factors such as content, vocabulary, math and strategies. Along with these factors, time management is essential, especially on the test day. Proper time management and execution under the timed condition on the test day matters a lot to get the GRE score that you want.

The clock ticking freaks out many candidates. So here’s a simple exercise that you must do. First, check out how much time do you actually have per question.

  • Verbal reasoning – Consists of two parts containing 20 questions each that take about a total of 60 minutes to complete.
  • Quantitative reasoning – Consists of two parts containing 20 questions each that take about a total of  70 minutes to complete.
  • Analytical writing – Consists of one section with two tasks: Analyse an issue and Analyse an argument. Each task takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Now let’s focus on the GRE quant section which takes about 1 minute 45 seconds per question. This might not feel like a lot of time especially when you are struggling with math questions. On the test day, you start stressing yourself looking at these questions. And think that there is not enough time and you got to speed up. But actually, it is longer than you think.

To understand this, you need to do an exercise when you are practising for the GRE test. Take a stopwatch and set the time for 1 minute 45 seconds. Sit in complete silence for that period of time. Don’t look at the watch, instead look around you and try to spend that time. After a minute you kind of feel awkward because you did nothing the whole time and you were just sitting empty. This tip will help you change your perspective and also make you realise that this 1 minute 45 seconds is plenty of time.

So do you need to work quickly on GRE? Definitely yes. But this exercise will generally help you to slow down a little bit and take the pressure off. Do this often to get a little bit of mental clarity, be less stressed and anxious and eventually realise that you have time to work and execute.

Undoubtedly GRE is more stressful than a routine practise session. Yet, you still need to be calm on test day so that you can think clearly and give your best.

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