A New Indestructible Biodegradable Tire Printed In 3D

Michelin has just introduced its new concept Vision, an ecologically revolutionary tire with 19 patents. Changing tires that you do not hide it is rarely for fun. It falls at the wrong time; it is often an unexpected cost.

The US tire manufacturer Michelin has unveiled a brand new concept of 3D printed tire, Concept Vision, which could revolutionize the way we ride. The tire has a biomimetic structure and a tread that can be reprinted to be more suitable for climatic conditions.

The Michelin Group was already engaged in metal additive manufacturing: it had announced a few years ago the creation of the joint venture, Fives Michelin Additive Solutions, which later became Add Up. Is it a goal? Ensure the development and worldwide commercialization of industrial machines and production workshops using metal additive manufacturing technology. The Group is now interested in manufacturing a brand new tire, the Concept Vision, for the time being in the prototype state.

This brand new concept is an airless tire that is therefore indestructible, biodegradable, with a tread printed in 3D that could be changed depending on the weather and the type of road used. The center of the tire would be made from biodegradable materials and recycled as electronic components or cans.

The Concept Vision tire is greatly inspired by nature with a honeycomb structure printed in 3D which allows for a gradual solidity as one gets closer to its center. The structure is not the only innovative feature of the tire: Michelin also said it would be connected to a digital system to monitor tread conditions, weather conditions and make some adjustments.

For now, Concept Vision is just a project. “Given the way we have developed it, the Vision Concept is a demonstration of our expertise and a promise for the future,” says Mustapha El-Fulani, Vision Project Manager. We wanted Vision to be realistic because designing objects or services that we know are unrealistic serves no purpose.  Michelin has not announced a start date for the project, but it is an initiative to be watched closely, especially in a context where more and more car manufacturers are turning to additive manufacturing to manufacture parts of their vehicles.

At the Movin’On Symposium in Montreal, Canada, Michelin introduced a concept that could be the greenest path for our tires in the future. Biodegradable and refillable tires that could not burst or burst. This project, the French manufacturer presented it under the guise of: “Concept Vision.”

A Tire That Does Not Burst, That Does Not Burst and Refillable

The great particularity of Vision is that wheel-tire marriage will no longer be mandatory. The tire is created with a honeycomb structure in 3D printing, all capable of supporting the weight of a car.

The tread is a part of this structure, and you will quickly understand that if there is no wheel, then there is no air. The Vision tire cannot (as I told you in the intro) or explode or die. For the French manufacturer, the goal would be to create a tire that would have the same life as your vehicle.

“A tire it wears,” this remark more than logical for us regulars Rubber, is also swept by the concept. When the tread is worn, it will be refilled by 3D printing to add the decisive rubber to the good condition of the tire and correct asperities.

Finally, to support all the biodegradable efforts of Vision, Michelin says that it will consist only of recycled and recyclable materials.

A Promise for the Future

Michelin has always been very innovative in its approach to the tire and its future. Vision is still a perfect example. Our French expertise is therefore far from being exceeded in this area.

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