5 Major Problems with an RO System

There are several types of water-borne diseases that affect so many people every year, thus, it’s necessary to drink pure water and save yourself and your family from any kind of waterborne health complication. If you have a water purifier in your home or office and it isn’t working properly then you need to go for an RO repair.

The place you have bought the purifier they will help you with the repairing if you are recently facing some issues. However, you can hire another professional too, and they will do the task in the same way. There are some major problems that show up with an RO system and here we have listed some of it, so once you face something similar, you can contact a professional for the repairing.

  1. Purifier not working

The RO purifier isn’t working at all, and you are not getting any LED signals at the start, then you must have to check the electric connection in your home or in the office, and if those are working properly, you will have to check the system with a professional. The power supply cable can be at fault and before you can do any self-detection a service provider will be the best choice to work with electricity.

  1. Low water flow

It can happen the water flow of the RO can be less and it isn’t working like earlier. If you face such problem, you need to know that the filter is having some fault or it can be some inner problems too. For this, the TDS is checked and if the level of the same is normal, then you need to contact a professional to fix the issue. The worker might change the filter immediately and if you have two filters at home then they will check both and if needed they will replace the two.

  1. Bad taste or smell

The bad taste or smell can be a normal occurrence and for that, you have to empty the tank entirely at first then use the water for drinking. There, in some cases, the filter membrane gets blocked and thus you have to replace the same.

  1. Leakage of water

If the fittings are not proper, water can leak from the purifier and that can create an issue. You have to ensure that all the knobs are tightened, and check the tap water pressure as well. If you apply extra pressure on the system then the purifier might get damaged faster. Still, if you are facing a leakage complication, then it will be best to call a professional to fix the problem.

  1. Vibration problem

It can happen with the RO purifier that it vibrates while it has been started or at the time cutting off the electric connection. This very thing happens because of the different types of water pressure in it, and it can be reduced if you maintain the pressure by keeping it low or medium.

Take the note from the above-mentioned 5 points and you will be able to understand the several and major complication with your RO purifier.

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