4 Key Attractions That Should Never Be Missed While In Costa Rica

There are key attractions such as the POAS volcano you should never miss as a tourist visiting Costa Rica. The nation is a favorite tourist destination due to its easy going, peaceful, and friendly citizens and its wonders of nature; the nation features a wide variety of attractions for tourists, whether seeking adventure or a stress-free and more relaxed vacation. The nation’s volcanoes are among the most visited attractions. This article lists the volcanoes that are worthy of being visited and why.

  1. Arenal volcano

This features a cone that’s perfectly shaped which makes it possibly Central America’s most impressive volcano. Although it went into what scientists call a dormant state in the year 2011, nobody expects it to last for long in that state because it’s a truly young volcano with a past of rock, lava, as well as gas eruptions. However, the crater of the volcano is fabulous to look at; walking on the natural surroundings, and lava trails, as well as the soothing and healing hot springs,  have made it a must-see for both foreign and local tourists.

  1. POAS volcano

At this National Park volcano, you don’t get to see just an active volcano, but also get to experience the nation’s rainforest and also an opportunity to admire its birds, reptiles, vegetation, and mammals. The park features many hiking trails with varying difficulty levels and can take you to the beautiful water lagoon or the crater itself. When you join a POAS volcano tour from San Jose, know that the facilities for visitors at this park are the nation’s best maintained, offering a gift shop, museum, and cafeteria; handicapped individuals benefit from access that’s particularly designed for easy access to the volcano’s crater.

Its last major eruption happened in 1953 and it has remained active ever since. It has featured periods of increased activity to the degree that the park had to shut down to visitors mainly because of emanations of sulphuric acid.

  1. Irazu volcano

This happens to the highest volcano that’s active in the country that’s sometimes called the Jewel of Central America. It stands at 3,432 meters above the level of the sea and on any clear day, you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. A moon like a summit and tundra vegetation are what makes this particular attraction a must see for anybody that’s vacationing in Costa Rica. Another feature that makes it a must-see is its proximity to San Jose, the capital.

  1. Turrialba volcano

This particular volcano has prevailed in truly low activity for a very long period of time. But from 2005, it has woken up and has been erupting gas clouds and ash and also developing a new and interesting crater at its summit. The National Park has just been recently reopened to the public thus turning progressively more popular for both foreign as well as local tourists.

Costa Rica’s volcanoes, such as the POAS volcano, are truly amazing natural wonders and an excellent means of discovering the nation that has come to be known as the jewel of Central America. It offers a wonderful and exciting time when you visit.

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